The Biodistrict

A Bio District has been created for the first time in our region, in the Colli Orientali del Friuli, in the Gramogliano area.

It was born from the need to bring together into a well-defined geographical area – as the word ‘district’ implies – activities that deal with, use, promote or otherwise produce organic products.
What distinguishes each district is its homogeneity of supply, involving all economic and institutional activities, including farmers, producers, tour operators, accommodation facilities and both public and private bodies where the organic model, with its short chain, is promoted and makes up a system.
Health first and foremost, genuine products – untreated – fruits of a land still unk nown to most, where farming and cultivation methods still follow ancient traditions which in this borderland have not been eroded by modernity or intenseìfarming.
A genuine land… like its inhabitants, frank and direct where the guest is always welcome.

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