XENO is a project created by E-20, a cultural promotion group from Cormòns in collaboration with Territoria Nord Est and Trieste Contemporaneae together with other regional organizations and cultural institutions. It aims to maintain and developcareas which are no longer usable for agriculture in the Colli Orientali of Friuli Venezia Giulia, so that they can be used for the cultural and touristic redevelopment of the territory as a whole.

XENO is a permanent project that seeks to enhance the potential partnerships between the world of agriculture, natural tourism and art. The title Xeno (from the Greek ‘Xenos’ meaning ‘stranger’ but also ‘guest’) aims to champion the particular features of the region, as well as the value of multiculturalism.

Given the characteristics of the project, E-20 found the Perusini estate in Gramogliano (Corno di Rosazzo) to be the ideal site to create the pilot project as an operating model on the Colli Orientali territory.
The plan involves placing sculptures and site-specific installations on the slopes of the San Biagio mountain and carrying out a series of work to enhance the uses of the land (paths, benches, billboards, site maintenance, etc.).
The first work is a sculpture by Alessandra Bonoli (iron sculpture, size: h. 5.96 m x 0.80 x 0.80), located on a specially restored hill within the Perusini Agricultural Estate in Gramogliano (Corno di Rosazzo).
“Menhir” is the title of Alessandra Bonoli’s iron sculpture. It is freely inspired by the large oblong stones planted in the ground vertically – typical of some prehistoric civilisations. The work has an important religious and cultural value, giving the sense of extension which may be seen as a true “indicator of power”, a “place of union” between heaven and earth, between what is above us and what lies beneath our feet, where you feel the desire to create a unique and magical place – the giver of life energy.

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